Losing Fat, Thoughts & Healing

"I want to lose fat on my belly but not on my boobs", "I want to get rid of my love handles", "I want to build more muscle in my arms and back" - typical requests from PT clients. Mainstream science says that you cannot lose fat in the places you want. Aside from your nutrition, activity and gender (some would say race too but I include that in your genetic footprint), the body has a pattern, a map, determined by your genes, where you are more likely to deposit fat tissue and store water, and places where you are more predominant to 'build' muscle. Now, the purpose of this article is to go beyond this basic piece of 3D knowledge 🙂 We are constantly moving, changing, evolving, a fact determined by how we react to our surroundings and events through our emotions and feelings. It is possible to be born with a tendency to store fat on your thighs and override that pattern in your 50s through a change in your behaviours, thoughts, reactions and habits. If curiosity still itches having read this far, please follow me.