Food is a Drug

All food is drugs. Anything that you can possibly put into your body is a drug. When you eat, you aren't really nourishing yourself in the way you think, you are actually feeding the bacteria in your gut. The more toxic your gut is, the more you 'crave' food, usually the most toxic foods, it's not 'you' who is hungry, it's your bacteria wanting to be fed. As you start eating healthier, or fasting, you accustom the bad bacteria to no food, and to eventually die, leaving you clean and without cravings or the unnecessary need to eat.


Fascia: We are One Muscle

It's very on trend to proclaim that we are one infinite consciousness inhabiting different bodies or that we all are the same consciousness expressed in different ways. Some people really understand the meaning of this, others just repeat it because it's fashionably zen. I've been saying from the beginning that everything is related and connected, as we all are energy. While all this is true, it may be difficult to grasp to our naked eye (the senses, those tempting deceivers), but when this applies to something we can actually see, such as our body, we really come to understand the interconnectedness of all things, and we confirm once again our holographic nature. As above so below. The whole contains parts, but the part also contains the whole. The ocean is made of drops but there is an ocean inside of a single drop. Let's talk about the Fascia.

Gifted: Emotionally Intense or Immature?

It's a curse and the biggest blessing. When you feel everything so deeply and you think that everyone else is the same but then you realise they're not, there are times when you question yourself. Specially when those in the lower frequencies (most of people in the world, aka asleep ones) start projecting their insecurities and lack of self-authenticity at you and make you feel 'different'. So you try to fit in pretending you don't feel, which sucks/hurts even more. What's really going on here is that most people NUMB their feelings, ignore them, or shut them down due to various reasons (it's not a case that they don't feel) and in return shame those who do express their feelings, because they aren't strong enough to open themselves, they ridicule those who do. This is society for you. It's been normalised that 'to feel' is a sign of weakness. Fuck that! What it means is that you're vulnerable when you feel, therefore there is FEAR of feeling (and expressing it) because it can often be synonym of suffering. Well, let me tell you: If you don't suffer you don't thrive, grow, heal, love, live! Life comes with everything: pain and pleasure. Digest and assume that. Simply.

Pulling the finger out of your actual ass

It is fuckin' time. We live in a nursery society where we haven't grown past age 5. We have to be extremely careful with things, just in case. We have to do as everyone else does, just in case. We have to watch our words not to offend others, just in case. We look up at people who 'have a name', just in case. We have to say sorry when someone else steps on our foot. FUCK THAT. Where did we leave our strength, honour, resilience and sovereignty?

Mind, Emotions & Body Shape

For a long time the mind-emotions-body connection has sparkled my interest. It makes sense, therefore, that Singing and Fitness are the disciplines that define me the most. It's always a good sign when mainstream science doesn't recognize something, it usually means it contradicts their statements to date, so they discard it by saying it's impossible or that it doesn't exist. Bloody ignorance. What we know as science is a lie, because it only recognizes what can be perceived by the 5 senses at a given point/period in time/space, which is only a fraction of everything that exists. We basically live in a system based on history/science/education that exclusively serve the ones who rule.