Fascia: We are One Muscle

It's very on trend to proclaim that we are one infinite consciousness inhabiting different bodies or that we all are the same consciousness expressed in different ways. Some people really understand the meaning of this, others just repeat it because it's fashionably zen. I've been saying from the beginning that everything is related and connected, as we all are energy. While all this is true, it may be difficult to grasp to our naked eye (the senses, those tempting deceivers), but when this applies to something we can actually see, such as our body, we really come to understand the interconnectedness of all things, and we confirm once again our holographic nature. As above so below. The whole contains parts, but the part also contains the whole. The ocean is made of drops but there is an ocean inside of a single drop. Let's talk about the Fascia.


Super Fit & Sick

How many times have you heard the case of someone who developed a chronic condition, or even died, and still they were super fit and healthy? The answer to that is inflammation. Overdoing it. Could be oxidative stress or some sort of metabolic dysfunction. It specially happens to the "cardio" people (marathon runners, cyclists), but also the "HIIT" ones (bootcampers, crossfitters... including myself at some point - you just feel it), and the Powerlifters and Olympic lifters, because of the excessive metabolic demand.

Jogging, Cycling… isn’t Training

Neither is Skipping, Basketball, Hiking, Pilates, Yoga, nor Walking for that matter. Or Martial Arts, lol! (ok, this one could be 23% training, I'll give you that). No sport is training. Before you spit on my face, let me carry on: "You told me to move, Graciela, so I jog a lot, I cycle a lot, I walk a lot... but my ankles/knees/hips/back are hurting. You told me to push through the pain, so I push through the pain but the pain increases, it doesn't go away. What am I doing wrong?" Great. You have now arrived to the entrance of the key to your problems 🙂

Why Jogging isn’t that great

As the performer and musician that I am, moving my body to the music has always come natural to me. There are some musicians who are unable to move to the music (I personally think that's due to conditioned blockages of some sort, rather than a lack of feeling, but that's another subject). Having chosen dance-aerobics as a child it was logical that my way into fitness was ETM (Exercise to Music). My motivation was expressing myself through music while burning calories and moving in all directions.

High Heart Rate ≠ Muscle Fatigue

You read that right. Having your entrails coming out of your mouth with exhaustion and deadly pain in your muscles doesn't mean that you're burning the calories of your life (while exercising, that is), although it may seem to you that you're dying 🙂 In fitness terms we call this RPE (rate of perceived exertion) vs. HR (heart rate, i.e. how fast your heart is beating, meaning you'll need more oxygen the faster it beats).

Rest & Thrive

Every day we have an incredible opportunity to connect to our life's purpose, through the mysterious activity of Sleep. But we often miss it. We dismiss our dreams, as we aren't educated to understand them. Our sleeping time is sacred, and it must be honoured accordingly. As we go about life, we accumulate a debt of hours of non-sleep, making our body suffer from the failure of regeneration. This lack of sleep makes us fail in decision making, in emotional responses, and in becoming disconnected from our sense of purpose (our life's calling) due to the fatigue created. Sleeping is the only time where those who can't let go of control, do let go 🙂 It's a gentle reminder of our mere human state.