The Power of your Tongue

There is one curious piece of information that has stayed with me from my years as a singing student. Such thing is this: "Your tongue is the biggest obstacle to Singing, yet it is one of the most powerful muscles in your body". And no wonder, as the tongue is highly responsible for holding our head upright, forming all the subtleties of our language, and helping digest our food. The tongue (the tongue is actually a group of 8 muscles), together with the diaphragm and the larynx (what a coincidence, the main Singing muscles!) are the only skeletal muscles that can function independently from the skeleton, that means you can move them without moving your 'frame', without being noticed.


For heaven’s sake… Breathe!

One also has her own limits. Since I am in the world of fitness, from my very first session with my very first client up to this very morning, there is one thing that I haven't ceased to repeat, and that thing is: "Breathe!". Even with my long-term clients it is still a concept not embedded in their brains. No matter in which way I say it or demonstrate it, when or how many times. They either breathe the other way round to my instruction or they just directly don't breathe (they withhold it), even when they are dying with exhaustion, they hold on to their air for dear life.