Self-Love is not the answer

It isn't. Not in the way it's portrayed. We constantly hear: "love yourself first". Hell, no! Enough of that bs. I love everyone, and so what?! I love others a lot! and so what? I tend to love those who don't know how to love, and so what?! I pour myself onto others, and so what?! Isn't that a blessing, a strength?



By night, and in a storm, which is the time he generally comes, it is certain death. He calls me with no sound, like a Merman, and he wills me to go to him. And one of these nights I shall do so with fury.

In the arms of Another

I really don’t wanna be in the arms of another. But, you see, he holds me, he touches me, he gives me what you don’t. So even if I don’t feel him, at least I feel myself. You care for me - you say. But your way of caring kills softly, drains my life drop by drop, keeping me in the distance, like a mannequin for display, while you touch others you don’t love. So, in order to feel alive, with the last threads of breath I’ve got, I let myself drift into the arms of another.