Frozen Food is Dead

Eating frozen food is a cheap option. But it’s dead energy. The quality of a material substance depends in its totality on the energy behind it. Pretty much the same as the quality of a person: a sculpted body without a heart or a soul is not beautiful, what is more, it’s ill and unhealthy. So why eat unhealthy food? only because it’s cheap? LOL! There are cheap people too! it doesn’t mean we bring them into our lives – unless we want to hang around in their miserable sub-worlds, that is. If you want to eat cheap because you can’t afford more, buy at the market, buy the ‘sale’ or ‘clearance’ foods that are reduced in price at the end of the day, or buy fresh and freeze them yourself.

The only frozen things you’ll find in my freezer.

Usually the frozen foods that come already packaged have been frozen for months, and very often they belong to B-C class category products that don’t look good enough to be sold fresh (that, without considering the additives they may have, if you see those on the labels, run!). I don’t know you, but I can instantly feel it in the taste, the look, and the way it cooks. Frozen meats usually ooze a lot of foam, and vegetables/fruits ‘melt’ quickly. It does not happen with fresh foods that you yourself freeze. Why will that be?

Of course, there will be people on the www such as this one, who will go against my reasoning (although they do admit that some nutrients, such as Vitamin C, are lost during the freezing process). And that’s because they (and most of what you’ll find online and in so-called scientific papers) are not considering the unseen part of life (again, bloody science). This other article however has some clever points that concur with me. I don’t know you, but I’d rather go for a fresh, alive man, than a frozen one, even if all his nutrients are kept fresh LOL!

And now you’ll say: “oh, come on, Graciela, stop it again with your holistic nonsense”. I agree. The holistic world is full of poison, same as the mainstream one. So much ayurvedic, organic, keto, gluten-free, alternative shite which seems to offer the solutions for everything and everyone offers more pollution and confusion than the worst greenly-decorated-classical-music ambient McDonald’s advert.

The man has a point or two.

I could go on talking about the energy fields so brilliantly described by a woman who made a groundbreaking discovery but who only appears on Wikipedia as a lovely old lady/scientist/author whose work influenced the development of dance/movement therapy, Dr. Valerie V. Hunt. She was a fucking brilliant researcher and advanced soul, and one of her greatest achievements was to measure scientifically for the first time ever the energy fields and auras around living beings/objects. I highly recommend you watch this video:

And this shorter video showing energy fields around living beings:

Learn from nature. Follow nature. See with your eyes defocalized, not with your analytic mind. See with your being, with your heart. And you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Links of interest:

Frozen foods have no prana

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