Overeating & Trauma

It’s not easy to have the willpower to follow a diet if one has an energetic footprint from other lives that conditions the current behaviours, preferences, orientations, lacks and blockages in the present body. Plus it’s not just our own individual life’s journey, but also our parental, social and environmental baggage that affects who we are and the shape of our body (including where we tend to store fat and water). So let us see how these stored pieces of energy can determine our predisposition to overeat, no matter how willing we are to change… we might always come back to the same patterns, if we don’t heal the root cause, i.e. the trauma.

Childhood traumas (which could be just the denial of a lollipop or ice-cream, it doesn’t have to be what we deem a ‘traumatic‘ event in its adult sense) are often an important cause to the determination of our adult character. An example of it could be when parents over-attend the child, or they are over-protective. This is like an “invasion” – constantly invading the person psychologically and not letting them have their own space – although to them it’s not an invasion at all, they are doing it “out of love, because we want the best for you”. What happens here is that the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) is overwhelmed, they feel empty because that chakra may be constantly pouring out energy. In this case, they tend to compress themselves energetically inside of the body and gain a lot of weight, trying to create a boundary, so they can’t be invaded, and for that they overeat. The result is weight gain, with all its physical and psychological problems. There would be problems in the digestive organs (the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and stomach). This means that they may try many different diets, supplements or herbal remedies, but it wouldn’t tackle the real cause of the problem, which needs to be tackled from a different perspective.

Now, when a person with this issue has the willpower to commence a dieting program, there are normally ups and downs. In the ‘down’ moments, they will find an excuse that will ‘calm’ their childhood pain, because that’s the defense. So they may say to themselves: “oh, I’ve worked so hard, I deserve this pizza or this cake”, because that’s how they were treated as children, always being pampered and rewarded for no reason, or socially pressurized, without being able to choose for fear of shame, abandonment or exclusion. If they have the will to continue with their purpose, as the weight starts lessening, and even though they may be seeing some results, vulnerability will come to the surface eventually, because the pain’s cause will want to come out to consciousness, as it’s being transformed, which is what needs to be healed.

In order to bring to the surface these childhood (or other lives’) traumas, we must understand that we are dealing here with a state of defensiveness or negativity in our present energy body. We are defensive because our inner self (the one that’s full of love and creativity and wisdom) is so condensed inside, that is inaccessible because there has never been anybody in our life that has verified it for us, maybe only in dreams. We need to understand and experience again the origin of the trauma -not just think about it- and then acknowledge that it has become a recurrent pattern of defense or behaviour, not just in our mind but also in our body. Usually we are in state of denial because we don’t want to face the pain of letting go of our belief system, understand it, and then wanting to change and making that conscious choice every day. This is the hard part: to change the habit. It’s ultimately a matter of CHOICE. And it takes time.

When we find the origins of our problem and process them as explained above, we will realise that there’s nothing to fear and we become more present in our current path, taking responsible decisions without the influence of past (or future) experiences. Usually the traumas or problems we have in life, we see them as such because we are blocking our ability to create the solution to those issues. And this blockages are usually a product of our defensive patterns. So when we create something (we are creators of ideas, of wants, of projects, of desires, of things to do in life…) that creative energy hits all the blocks we have (we all have them in more or less measure) and it becomes confused, distorted. And so we must be willing to open up physically, meeting our physical needs, and spiritually, the so called ‘awakening’ or ‘enlightenment’.

All our problems are directly related to the creative force within us that needs to express itself. We must find our defensive patterns towards those blockages, and go through them to come out on the other side, free.

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