Of Male & Female…

I wasn’t sure whether this article’s title should start with the male word or the female word. Would it make me a feminist if I place the word ‘female’ first? Does it make me a submissive lady by writing the word ‘male’ first? Labels, labels, labels… the world isn’t world if we don’t put things in boxes. We are so quick to judge and make conclusions.

Anyway, I am just warning you beforehand that this post has nothing to do with fitness or breathing, but it’s something interesting 🙂

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine came up with something that made me think: “have you noticed that in the animal kingdom it is the male who shows off, however the female isn’t flamboyant at all?” and rightly so, the male needs to show what it is that he’s bringing to the table and if he is apt, the female will accept him. The female chooses, no matter how unattractive she is. This is heavy material to consider. Because look at us humans: it is women who pamper ourselves to the most artificial heights in order to attract the opposite sex. Where have we gone wrong? Not long ago I remember walking up the street and men catcalling me, whistling something or throwing pick up lines, but nowadays someone said that’s considered ‘harassment’. I don’t know who came up with that idea but I, as a woman, like to be called things like ‘hey beauty’ or ‘you’re hot’, or something less risky like “your hair!”, it means I am being liked and who doesn’t like to be liked, right? just that act, with or without further action, is one of life’s delights 🙂 .

I also find that men from countries where survival is a priority (and where it’s warmer) they keep their pride under the table and they do flirt more openly than men who have been caught up in the western mentality of power and competition, who believe themselves in their own right to possess things (women) without any effort. It must be the cold😏.

On another hand is actually worrying that once they are “at it” (mammals, that is), it’s all about the male doing his job while the female normally waits until he finishes. One just has to look at lions and horses. Male on top from behind, showing signs of affection with tender bites and gentle growls, clearly being it all about themselves, while the female is like “whatever”, no female shows any signs of exertion or emotion. They only do when they give birth, but it’s pain, not pleasure. It seems it is clear from a survival point of view that we females are doomed, we are indeed the negative pole (the receiving pole) and we have to withstand things that men don’t. That’s why, on the positive side, we are also stronger mentally and emotionally, while men are stronger physically (or at least that is generally the case in mammals, apologies to the feminists). If we go to the invertebrate world then we are talking about a whole different world (females eating their male counterparts alive after mating, lol! – and they indeed deserve to be eaten, after hurting the poor lady forever providing no pleasure whatsoever – who do they think they are?😅).

The things men do 🙂

Arguably, humans have a higher level of consciousness than most animals (although sometimes that is dubious), so we can use our mind and choose considering circumstances rather than just follow our basic instincts all the time. Animal sex is often brief and violent, it just looks to release the seed, and it’s only some of the most mentally advanced species (monkeys, dolphins) that do have sex to release tension (for pleasure) without looking to procreate, also with mates of the same sex or alone.

Anyway, going back to the courtship part (otherwise we would deviate into matters that would escape my point), interesting to see how, like humans, males make all the effort in attracting the female before mating, and once they mate, they go their own way. Females, during all the process, seem to be oblivious, calm, receptive, neither against it nor playing hard to get, they just give birth afterwards and take care of their babies, whether or not the male protects them. Something that got me thinking.


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