Triggers & Healing

In the internet era (which coincides with the ‘millenials’ era), appearance and visuals are all that counts. Even, if on the other hand holistic approaches and natural therapies are promoted, they always have a ‘certain look’. And if you want to be considered or seen as a person of nature you somehow need to look the part. “You can’t bring glamour to your singing and your songs and at the same time like to be in nature and in solitude, and not wanting to merge in social circles that will boost your business”🙄 I am so tired of labels. Anyway. We all think we’re free because we have plenty of choice and comfort and this makes us lazier, less ambitious, and not taking action. The less boundaries, the less growth (see my article here on that). We only have to look at people’s achievements after the major wars. People who go through real suffering are the ones that achieve the most growth in life. And I’m not talking in material terms (I seldom do). So why, knowing all of this, do we still choose to be stupid?

I mention the above because people nowadays tend to run away or hide, pushing down their triggers, instead of bringing them out, voicing them, asking for help, barking and screaming, seeking for a listening ear, and letting them go, which is the only way of healing. Do you heal a wound by covering it up completely? Do you get rid of humidity by painting on top of it? No. You allow the wound to bleed and breathe fresh air first, and you clean the mould before painting the wall. Those are the hardest parts because they take time. But it’s the only way they heal and last. Then why oh why do we keep on falling into the same patterns of the past? You’ve gone through it: someone hurt you and you react in a certain way, then someone entirely different comes with a similar kind of approach to the action that caused you hurt, you repeat your reaction before they do the action, and it turns out to be that their intentions were not the same as those of the past person, and we f**k up the situation. Thank you, cellular memory, for wanting to help, but you’ve ruined it.

“Avoiding the trigger is not healing. Going through the pain and getting to the other side is.”

Our emotional traumas (fears, anger, hurts, pain) get stored in our cells. And, if we don’t clean them from time to time, they will show up when we less want them to show up, worsening things. I thank my family and my Latin culture, where everything was voiced then and there until everything was dug up right to the bottom of the matter and laid bare on the table. Even like that it’s not easy, but it’s the best thing to do, because then you move on. This makes you strong, and not pretending you are in control when you’re pushing things down frightened to death for fear of losing your ‘reputation’. What is reputation, anyway? a self-made notion of the perception we think others have of us? and who cares what others think of us? Get over that. Nothing is going to happen, nobody is going to die, and you know what? nobody cares. It’s good to show our vulnerability, for our own sake, our own healing, our own growth, no one else’s.

If we don’t have anyone with whom to let it all out, then that energy has to somehow come out in other ways: exercise, sing, dance, sex… do something that moves your body with energy and passion, something that will shake that pain off your system. That’s why movement and the arts are healing, not just for the physical brain and the body, but on an energetic level they heal us, they set us free.

Movement = Healing

Our first language is movement, our most honest expression and the closest to the truth of who we are, how we relate to ourselves, and the world around us. Our body itself is formed through movement of the cells and fluids… we mirror the universe, as the universe itself is constantly moving. It’s a continuous present of movement. In order to keep ourselves flowing we must be aware of any blocks (thoughts, memories) that remain in our past or future (stored in the cells) stopping us from living this continuous flow of present. Parallel to movement of the body, movement of the mind is also needed.

Identify your triggers, and heal them. You will know they are your triggers because you’ll feel a tingling sensation in your stomach area, an anxiety wanting to come out. Learn to feel yourself energetically. And when you find the trigger, let it out then and there, heal, set yourself free. There’s nothing worse than living a life of repressed feelings❤.

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