Your Inner World

As a singer (and person), you need a lot of this.

Why? Because your most fantastic improvisations and creations will come from your inside world. Feeding it is imperative. As a creator, your inner world is bigger than your outside reality and you must realize (like I did) that this one is a feature that not many people have developed, therefore you are special. You also need to cultivate the expressive skills to honor that inner world, so your audience can bathe in the glory (or obscurity) of your message.


In your inner world anything is possible. Being this the case, anything can be expressed to the outside, and even manifested. How magical is that?😃 These are my main 5 tips to develop your inner sight:

  • Trust your intuition
  • Keep a dream diary
  • Create a routine (exercises, foods, habits…)
  • Move your body
  • Be curious all your life

The thing is, when you live in your inner world, nothing can shake you. You know. You are centered, aligned, fulfilled and whole. It’s your place of power. Rock solid. From here you create with your words, thoughts, visions and actions. The singer lives a life above the common. Precisely because of this. It’s not about being superfluous or falling into the category of nonsense backstage requests or stupid prima donna temperament. You don’t need anything (or almost anything) material to make you the greatest being you can ever be, as long as you nourish your inner universe, which, by the way, it’s free.

For some people, this quality is not innate – well it is, but they don’t know it – and so they have to work on it to recognize it, via meditations, breathing techniques, mindfulness ‘retreats’, attending zen or yoga workshops, meeting a guru or a shaman, etc. (all these modern terms that society has come up with to name universal wisdom in order to make business with it). But for you, my dear singer, you, you were born with this on full gear. Cherish it! Even at those times when the whole world seems to be against you and you don’t know where to fit in. You are a light in the middle of the shadows.

I personally find my best creative time at the twilight of dreaming. When I am about to fall asleep but I still have a bit of wakefulness going on, the mind starts drifting but it’s not yet on the other side, I get lots of ideas, images, melodies, words… it’s the time to write or record them (I keep pen and paper nearby and/or my phone, just in case). Many times I have regretted not having anything by my side, sometimes they were masterpieces… all gone, can’t remember a thing afterwards.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

– Albert Einstein

Imaginary thinking, pretending, inventing, are some of the ways we are born with to create our reality (do not confuse with lying or cheating, which involves an intention to hide a fear, often damaging a third party). Imagination gives us the ability to conceptualize non-actual, fictional, and metaphysical possibilities. It is crucial in everyday thinking throughout life and very useful to impersonate the characters of your songs 🙂 The thing with imagination is that you don’t need to be asleep to get inspired, it’s more like daydreaming. Some will say that daydreaming has its downsides, of course it does, because it doesn’t obey the system’s rules. It takes you away from generating material profit for this reality (by evading you from being focused on something, i.e. narrowing your insights). It’s not my job to focus on this aspect.

There are countless places where you can obtain information on how to develop your inner self. Doing that research is your job, I will not tell you where to find the best info, because I would get in the way of your growth, delaying it. But I will tell you one thing, once more: the greatest answers reside inside you 🙂

Useful Links:

Rosengren,   S.,  Johnson,  C.  N.,  &  Harris  P.  L.  (Eds.). (2001). Imagining the impossible: Magical, scientific, and religious  thinking  in  children.  New York:  Cambridge University Press.

Harris, P. (2000). The work of the imagination. Oxford, UK: Blackwell.



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