Singing & Chakras

Before I became ‘enlightened’ about the interconnectedness of all things, I always thought that all that chakra stuff was some sort of ‘new age’ thing, that yes, it could be possible that it existed, but I thought it had nothing to do with the way we govern our emotions/soul/movement/thoughts. Little did I know that, while breathing correctly and singing (specially classical singing), I was activating those chakras and letting my inner vibration flow effortlessly and in harmony with myself and the rest of the world. So even unaware of all this wisdom, we already KNOW it! 🙂 It’s funny when I see some online sites selling meditation chants for such expensive prices when singers have been doing it all along! lol!

“When we sing, because singing is sustained pitch, we prolong our vibration and actually send out a signal that is easier for others to interpret, than if we were speaking.” Dot Todman

And this is why singing feels so ‘at home’. Because we ‘connect’ with ourselves and the source of our power (God/universe/infinite). That’s why people sing/chant in church or in any religious ceremony, because singing creates a vibration that resonates with the most sacred IN you, and therefore OUTSIDE you.


I am going to start from the end: Singing heals you. Singers are healers. You can heal yourself through singing. The vibration of our voice, depending on which vowel and note we use, connects with each one of our chakras. The frequency of each of these chakras is significantly correlated to the wellbeing of the organs associated with them. There are 7 main chakras (energy centres) in your body – each of them about the size of an orange – that are connected to specific organs. When the energy in all of these centers is balanced, the body feels energized and healthy. When a center is blocked or depleted over a period of time, first there’s emotional imbalance, which then translates into physical illness. The good news is, you can easily help restore balance in each chakra and avoid disease, just by focusing your attention and using the right breathing techniques. Also (refer to the image above), try singing the syllables that correspond to each chakra, in the notes given, when you want to focus on restoring balance in one particular area. For example, if you want to heal your stomach, try singing “Ay” in the note E focusing on your solar plexus with your inner vision, using the right breathing technique for a continuous period of time. See what happens!


During singing, there is a high physiological activity starting at the area below the waist, moving upwards towards the vocal cords in the throat and then up towards the head where the breath and the sound waves leave the body. This path coincides with the length of our spine, which is the physical location of our energy centres. From bottom to top is the way our singing flows, and it matches the chakra alignment to the dot. In every place where there is an energy centre present (chakra), there is some muscular or other bodily activity occurring in the same area during singing. This activity is associated with the function of that chakra.

“Singing starts from the legs and the areas in the abdomen and back situated under the waist line, which is where the lowest chakras reside”. – Ritva Eerola

I will always remember the days when I was singing in choirs, the feeling of HEAVEN, PEACE, LOVE, INFINITE BLISS inside me… we were all young adults and yet so mature… it was the connection to that eternal wisdom, healing source. Music is also food. That’s the beauty of energy when it’s in harmony and aligned. You don’t need an external input of energy such as food, the same as when you are in love. One is in such a heightened state that nothing else matters. One simply IS.

“The movement of your breathing doesn’t start on your diaphraghm, it starts on the lower diaphragm, that is, the pelvic floor, i.e. your root chakra”Graciela R. P.

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