Graciela Rodríguez

I am Graciela Rodríguez, a Singer and a Fitness coach.
I could start by saying that I am a multi-award winning World/Pop/Jazz artist and I wouldn’t be lying. I have performed at sold-out concerts in venues of renown around the world. But that’s not the point. The point is that I honour my calling by doing what I love the most, which is Singing and Fitness, and on the way I help people improve their lives. Message me to find out about my fitness classes and programmes.
On my Blog you can read my latest thoughts from a holistic perspective, and also poems/lyrics that spring from inspiration.
I studied Music and Singing in many forms and I dedicated half of my life to Teaching Music and Singing, but I left that in the past as it has fulfilled its purpose. Later on I completed studies in Fitness, Nutrition and other various health related studies. There is a massive connection between our emotions and spirit (Music) and our body and movement (Fitness). I am passionate about knowledge, discovering new things and inspiring people. I am always on the lookout for truth, depth and substance.
I can guide you to achieve the body you desire and get fitter, you can also join me online in my group classes or at the various gyms where I teach (London, UK). You can listen to my music on Spotify and watch my videos on YouTube. You can also come to see me perform live at some of my gigs, message me for enquiries


  • Level 4 Strength & Conditioning (to be completed this year)
  • Level 3 Personal Training (1 year)
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor (1 term)
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music Fitness Instructor (1+1/2 years)
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor for Adolescents (2 days)
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Jazz Singing (2 years)
  • Diploma in Classical Singing (7 years)
  • Diploma in Musical Education Sciences (3 years)
  • Sports Nutrition Diploma (1 year)
  • Diet & Weight Management Foundation Diploma (1 year)
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition Diploma (1 year)
  • Functional Equipment Training Certificate (1 day)
  • Core Stability Certificate (1 day)
  • Complete Kettlebells Trainer Certificate (2 days)
  • Advanced Group Cycle Certificates Level I, II and III (3 days)
  • Power Plate Certificate (2 days)
  • ViPR Certificate L1 (1 day)
  • Piano Certificates I, II and III (3 years)
  • Guitar studies (3 years)
  • Choir Conductor Certificate (1 week)
  • Complete Vocal Technique Certificate (1 week)
  • Advanced Singing Techniques Certificate (4 years)
  • Traditional Galician Music Certificate (1 day)
  • Typewriting Diploma (220ppm) (3 years)
  • Superior Certificate in English (5 years)
  • GCSE’s and A levels in Maths and Sciences